Dear #WhiteTwitter these are the lessons your 'arrogant and ignorant selves' need to learn

06 November 2014 - 17:04 By Times LIVE

Nomboniso Gasa has tabled a controversial list of 33 things she wants #WhiteTwitter to know. We bring you ten of those.

@nombonisogasa has taken it upon herself to boldly and somewhat cheekily declare her thoughts to a group of people she calls "arrogant and ignorant".

The researcher, analyst and public speaker on gender, politics, leadership and cultural issues as stated on her Twitter biography, tabled the tweets using the hash tag #WhiteTwitter recently.

Gasa spoke out on a variety of issues, namely the social political state of South Africa, white privilege brought on by Apartheid and the effects thereafter as well as tax paying.  "Insecurity is part of normal human response. Change is unsettling. Deal with your own fears, anger and bigotry," reads one of Gasa's tweets.