Walter Sisulu University scraps fees for post grad studies

01 December 2016 - 17:58 By Julia Madibogo

Postgraduate study fees have fallen at the Walter Sisulu University.

The university announced on Wednesday that its postgraduate students will not be paying for postgraduate studies from 2017.

"This will apply to our Masters and PhD studies. We currently have 15 PhD students and 315 Masters students. We are hoping to increase the number to 600 Masters and 100 PhD [students] to boost our university research output because it is not at a level we are happy with that at the moment‚" university spokeswoman Yonela Tukwayo said.

Tukwayo added that the university will also be looking to increase revenue through subsidies on the postgraduate studies.

The University of Fort Hare and the University of KwaZulu-Natal are amongst those that already have adopted the policy.

News of the postgraduate fees falling was welcomed on social media.

"Just in: The Walter Sisulu University Council has resolved that Masters and Doctoral candidates will no longer pay tuition for research‚" said Siphe Macanda.

"That is positively encouraging‚" added Ndaba Mlonyeni.

Tukwayo said the current fees per student were R15‚000 for a Masters and R42‚000 for a PhD degree.

Most of the university's research is in education sciences and health sciences‚ which includes medicine and micro-biology.