WATCH: Two bull terriers get their teeth into unsuspecting intruder

18 January 2017 - 21:01 By Dave Chambers

He creeps over a high wall and stealthily lowers himself towards the ground.

But the South African would-be burglar in a Crime Watch video that has racked up nearly 100‚000 YouTube views doesn’t know two bull terriers are waiting around the corner.

Surveillance camera footage shows two animals launching themselves at the intruder‚ and at one point they are seen swinging by their jaws from his leg.

The man eventually falls‚ and the man is seen punching and kicking the dogs as they refuse to back off and chase him around the yard.

The video‚ shot on January 12‚ ends with the burglar fleeing‚ chased by the dogs. It is not known what happened next or whether police are investigating.

Among the many racist comments on the video is one suggesting the dogs “deserve a big bone each”.

Another comment says: “And that is why I love Bull Terriers. They are AMAZING dogs.”

-TMG Digital/The Times