WATCH | Two men in Paarl road rage incident wash each other's feet

07 September 2017 - 16:43 By Petru Saal And Abigail Javier

In a bizarre twist of events the two people involved in the Paarl road rage incident performed a reconciliation ritual by washing each other’s feet and praying together.

The verbal altercation between the two caused hysteria on social media when Marius Geldenhuys accused Egan Vorster of not maintaining the correct following distance while driving down a busy road in Paarl on Monday.

Grabbing what appeared to be a pick-handle‚ Geldenhuys stormed towards Vorster screaming‚ in Afrikaans: “Ek sal jou f****n dood bliksem‚ jy ry soos n p**s”. Loosely translated‚ the threat was: “I will f****n beat you to death. You drive like a p**s.”

The two argued while Geldenhuys continued to hurl abuse – allegedly calling Vorster a hotnot - until he realised that he was being filmed. But all that is water under the bridge as they have decided to put the ordeal behind them.

Someone who attends church with Geldenhuys came across the video and saw it fit to have the two meet and talk things through.

“[Geldenhuys'] friend called me and told me he would like to meet and apologise. I wanted to be sure if it was legit as I was apprehensive to meet at first‚” Vorster told TimesLIVE on Thursday.

The friend told Vorster that he had been inviting Geldenhuys to church as he had noticed he had anger issues. Vorster said that Geldenhuys had also apologised for calling him a hotnot on Thursday. The two met at Geldenhuys’ workplace for the reconciliation.

“He came broken up and was in tears. He was going through a rough time‚ he was going through a divorce. He’s owning up to what he did. He just snapped because he’s having a rough time‚” said Vorster.

In the video‚ Vorster washes Geldenhuys’ feet then offers a short prayer before Geldenhuys then washes Vorster’s feet. He said this is the Christian way of showing humility towards each other.

"It’s the most powerful way to show others there are no strings attached when forgiving someone.”

A famous example of seeking redemption in this way‚ Adriaan Vlok‚ the minister of law and order during the latter years of Apartheid rule‚ washed the feet of Frank Chikane who‚ as secretary-general of the South African Council of Churches‚ had been targeted by Vlok for assassination. Vlok then went on to wash the feet of other apartheid victims.