Sexpest teacher gets another school job

09 February 2018 - 07:06 By PREGA GOVENDER
File photo.
File photo.
Image: Gallo Images/ IStock

A KwaZulu-Natal school is planning to fire a teacher it recently employed after discovering that he allegedly sexually abused a young boy while at a previous school.

Police arrested the teacher at Amajuba High School in Newcastle last Wednesday following two alleged sexual assaults on the boy, the first when he was a 12-year-old pupil at Dannhauser Primary Full Service School in August 2016.

The chairperson of Amajuba High School’s governing body, Johan Botes, confirmed that a letter will be forwarded to the teacher's attorney asking the educator to provide reasons why he should not be dismissed.

Dannhauser Primary Full Service School dismissed the teacher last year but declined to say if his dismissal was linked to the sexual assault allegations. Times Select learned that he subsequently found a teaching job at a school in Nquthu, outside Dundee, before he was appointed at Amajuba High when schools re-opened last month.

The circumstances surrounding the teacher's employment at the Nquthu school and at Amajuba High raise serious questions about whether schools are screening and conducting background checks on teachers before employing them.