WATCH | Hippos save wildebeest from jaws of hungry crocodiles

24 May 2018 - 09:30 By TimesLIVE

A wildebeest managed to escape a crocodile attack in the Kruger National Park thanks to the help of a group of hippos.

The sighting was recorded by Chasin' Africa Safaris, who told Latest Sightings that the wildebeest was caught when the herd went down to the Gezantfombi Dam for a drink.

The first crocodile locked its jaw around the wildebeest’s head, as another raced in to see if it couldn’t join the feast.

The nearby hippos were having none of it. They snapped at the crocodiles, chasing the predators off. They then proceeded to surround the wildebeest until it got its second wind and escaped the water.

Unfortunately, the wildebeest's back foot was injured, leaving the onlookers wondering if he could survive the damage. 

"It was exciting to watch in the beginning but then a deep sense of sadness overcame everyone. Nature can be cruel but the circle of life must go on," Chasin' Africa Safaris said.