WATCH | Not so lucky today! Smash-and-grab attempt in Alex foiled by biker

12 September 2018 - 10:17 By TimesLIVE

Anton Damhuis was on his way home from work on September 10 2018 when he rammed his motorbike into a thief attempting to steal from a motorist.

The incident took place in Alexandra township in the north of Johannesburg. 

In the video, Damhuis is seen approaching an intersection on his motobike where a motorist is struggling to hold on to a laptop bag being wrangle from him by a smash-and-grab thief through the car window.

Damhuis's quick thinking sees him driving towards the vehicle, hitting the would-be thief with the bike.

He gives chase when the man runs off with the bag.

The motorist eventually recovers his bag after the thief drops the bag on the road and runs off.