WATCH | Truck driver's attempt to overtake leads to deadly head-on collision

29 October 2018 - 13:22 By Timeslive

A truck driver was killed and his assistant seriously injured after their truck collided head-on with another truck between Kriel and Bethal in Mpumalanga on Friday.

The accident was caught on the four different cameras on one of the trucks, which shows different angles of the outside and inside of the vehicle.

The footage shows a small vehicle getting off the road just before the crash happened as a speeding truck approaches from behind.

The truck then exits the lane from behind another truck in an attempt to overtake, missing one truck which veered off the road, and almost immediately hits a smaller on-coming truck head-on at high speed.

The smaller truck comes to a stand still upside-down, before the overtaking truck screeches to a stop on second contact.