More cracks on day two of Vytjie Mentor's cross-examination

13 February 2019 - 08:18 By Odwa Mjo
Vytjie Mentor was cross-examined for a second day at the Zondo commission.
Vytjie Mentor was cross-examined for a second day at the Zondo commission.
Image: Masi Losi

Former ANC member of parliament Vytjie Mentor's cross-examination continued at the Zondo commission on Tuesday.

Mentor has been cross-examined at the inquiry on a testimony she gave before the commission in August, with the inquiry presenting evidence which has revealed various inconsistencies with Mentor's testimony.

Lakela Kaunda 

Mentor was cross-examined by lawyers of cooperative governance and traditional affairs chief operations officer Lakela Kaunda.

In her previous testimony, Mentor said that she had received a call from Kaunda informing her that her request to meet with then-president Jacob Zuma to discuss  pebble bed modular nuclear reactors was granted. 

Through her lawyers, Kaunda denied that she had called Mentor to set up a meeting between her and Zuma in October 2010.

Mentor changed her testimony, saying the call between her and Kaunda may have taken place in September instead. 

A biased cross-examination?

On Tuesday, Mentor accused the inquiry of being biased against her evidence and centering the cross-examination on not corroborating her evidence. 

"Whatever has corroborated my evidence so far has never been put to me. I felt like throughout the process I have been cross-examined, this is what I have experienced and this is what I feel ... Nothing that corroborated my evidence has been brought forward and I think that's an imbalance," she told the commission.

This happened after Mentor was cross-examined on Monday and Tuesday by advocate Mahlape Sello on claims she made in her 2018 testimony before the commission.