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WATCH | Five key takeouts from Julius Malema's Mugabe motion in parliament

13 November 2019 - 09:30 By Cebelihle Bhengu

In parliament on November 12 2019, EFF leader Julius Malema praised late Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe for his dedication to liberating African people.

EFF leader Julius Malema spoke highly of Zimbabwe and its former president Robert Mugabe during a parliamentary motion sponsored by himself to commemorate the late politician.

During the motion on Tuesday, Malema said SA could learn a few things from Mugabe's ideals.

From the land issue to African unity, here are five takeouts from his address:

Zimbabwe sanctions 

“We should unite as the country and demand that the imperialist forces drop the sanctions against Zimbabwe. But we also want to make a call to president Mnangagwa to allow the Zimbabwean ZANU-PF comrades who are in exile to return back home, and that there should be a high level of political tolerance because the disagreements should not lead to targeting and victimising those who hold a different view.”

Mugabe's legacy must live on

“There are opportunists, even among the ranks of the ruling party in Zimbabwe, who want to destroy the legacy of president Mugabe. The younger generation must learn from president Mugabe that we must never worship whiteness, we must never seek to be like them, we must seek to be better than them.

“We must produce the type of a young cadre who will be able to lead Africa and SA to progress and redistribute land to our people.”

The minority still rules

“The British government and settlers in Zimbabwe were never interested in justice. They were only interested in maintaining the privileges colonialism bestowed upon them. They never saw African people as equal human beings who can govern their own affairs.

“This is still the case in Zimbabwe, as it still is in SA. If you dare touch the privilege of colonialism, you better be prepared for the full might of racist global institutions.”

Mugabe is a hero

“President Mugabe spent over a decade jailed by colonialists for fighting for African people. The majority of white people, colonialists, have no moral authority to say anything about president Mugabe. They have no moral authority to impose their twisted conception of what an African state should be run like.”

Zimbabweans accepted whites 

“When Mugabe and the people of Zimbabwe finally defeated the evil regime of Ian Smith, they were not thirsty for vengeance. They accepted that the white settler community had made Zimbabwe a home.

“All they wanted was an equitable redistribution of Zimbabwe's wealth and the return of Zimbabwean land.”