WATCH | Robots at your service: Sandton hotel embraces AI tech with robo-concierge

20 January 2021 - 13:00

Hotel Sky, in the heart of Sandton, has many reasons that guests would visit, from the amazing backdrops all around the hotel, to great food and entertainment, or its newly-hired AI employees, Micah, Lexi and Ariel.

The three robots in the hotel are designed to help the human staff. They are able to assist with things like food delivery, entertainment and basic questions asked by guests that the concierge would generally know. 

Whether you’re dining in one of the hotel's restaurants, enjoying a sundowner in one of its cocktail bars, chatting to an AI-enabled robot, or listening to the automated grand piano play a song, Hotel Sky says it promises an experience “like no other”.

MD Paul Kelley says the hotel offers a five-star experience, a four-star product at a two-star price. Though a budget-friendly hotel, it doesn't lack in any necessities or luxuries.