WATCH | Three-year-old watches cartoons unfazed while pythons slither over her

03 July 2019 - 13:07 By TimesLIVE

There's nothing unusual about a girl lying in bed watching cartoons. But what if she is doing it surrounded by dangerous snakes?

A three-year-old Indonesian girl has been filmed watching her favourite cartoons while covered in pythons.

On June 21 2019, Dylan Maharani's father caught the hair-raising moment on camera - and it's not her first brush with animal-video fame. Earlier this year, the young girl was filmed brushing the teeth of a crocodile.

The snakes on the bed with Maharani include a green tree python, a reticulated python and a yellow Burmese python. None are venomous, but all are able to kill the toddler with constriction.

As the pythons move on top of her, she remains calm, engrossed by the cartoons she's watching.

According to the Mirror, Maharani's father, Syahrul Effendi, takes care of injured animals, so the girl is accustomed to having the exotic animals around her. Although the video might be frightening to some, Syahrul is not worried about his daughter's safety.

"I understand what others are feeling. It is true that I am sometimes scared, but after seeing her interaction with the animal, the scary feeling goes away," he told the Mirror.

"I believe in her, so do the animals."