WATCH | Panicking mom runs after stroller with baby inside as it rolls down steep road

16 September 2021 - 08:54 By TimesLIVE

A panicked mother was caught on camera running after a stroller rolling down a road with her baby in it.

In the video footage the woman is seen walking into a building. As she is about to open the door, she leaves the baby stroller on a tar road next to the pavement. 

Reports from Sky News said the incident happened in Turkey. 

Within seconds the stroller rapidly rolls down the steep road. An oncoming white car drives into shot, almost bumping into the stroller with the baby in it.  

It is only after a while that the woman notices the runaway stroller and bolts after it. In the clip a motorist is also seen rushing down the road to help save the baby from harm. 

The video ends abruptly without there being a clear indication of what happened to the child, but according to Sky News, the 10-month-old baby landed in a garden and was unharmed.