Being a team player can get you the job you’ve always wanted

26 April 2018 - 12:00 By EvenMe
Being a team player.
Being a team player.
Image: 123RF/Kirill Kedrinski.

All employers are looking for a go-getter who can add value to a team of hard workers. Employers need to know that you are savvy enough to do the job and that you can work well with others.

Here are some tips to show that you are a team player during your interview.

Five tips to position yourself as the most valuable team player

The best way for you to prove you’re a team player is to use real examples in your behaviour, here are some ideas to discuss when your interviewer asks you to describe real-life scenarios…

1.Communicate clearly

A good team player communicates well with others. So when you’re sitting in front of your potential new boss, speak clearly by projecting your voice and communicate your ideas and thoughts effectively by thinking about your answers before you speak.

Honesty and integrity are very important so if there’s something you don’t understand, don’t be afraid to say so. If there’s something you’re concerned about, make sure you take a moment to clarify it in a respectful way

2. Pay attention

Good team players know how to listen to each other. The ability to listen carefully takes practice. Start at home. You might think your younger sibling is nothing more than an irritating brat. But, if you start listening closely to what the little brat has to say, you’ll soon find yourself more disciplined and finding unique solutions to trivial problems.

In the professional world, you’ll often have to listen to colleagues jabber on for days. Even if you don’t like it, you’ll still have to consider their ideas, debates and even their criticism. You’ll only succeed if you’re prepared to pay attention to what others have to say.

3. Be flexible

In your career, you’ll soon realise that things change all the time. People come and go, new technologies will be introduced, new legal issues might change your processes. But you can’t let this stress you out. You need to show that you’re flexible and can handle change in the workplace.

When you answer interview questions, try and show that you are okay with change and that you can adapt easily. The best players on any team know how to deal with change and score at the same time.

4. Show commitment

You need to prove that you take pride in what you do and care about the people you work with. Big wigs like to know that they can rely on the juniors in the company if they need to.

A good team player will get to work a little earlier, take on extra jobs and even uplift other members of the team when they’re down in the dumps. Tell your interviewer this. There’s nothing wrong with saying that you take pride in what you do and care for your colleagues and the company you work for etc.

5. Be a problem solver

When the heat is on, you need stay cool under pressure. Instead of panicking, find ways to solve the issues. Team players discuss issues and come up with effective solutions. In the interview, try to mention a challenge or two that you overcame and conquered.

Teamwork is really important in the workplace and the more you can demonstrate the characteristics of a team player, the better you’ll fare in your interview.