Lady Zamar won't let lip-sync critics spoil her day

04 June 2018 - 10:41 By Kyle Zeeman
Lady Zamar has BEEN fighting lip-sync claims.
Lady Zamar has BEEN fighting lip-sync claims.
Image: Via Lady Zamar's Instagram

Lady Zamar has once again hit back at criticism that she lip-syncs on stage, after performing at the Samas this past weekend.

King Zamar, as she known by her fans, scooped the Best Dance Album award but saw the good news partly overshadowed by claims that she lip-synced during her performance at the show.

While the performance split viewers, the Collide hitmaker was ready to face the criticism head-on and responded to the haters.

Soon the internet was filled with files being thrown across the room, as fans posted videos to prove whether she was in fact lip-syncing or not.

In the chaos, one hater even admitted they were wrong to suggest Lady Zamar was pretending to sing.

Lady Zamar faced similar claims late last year after her performance on Idols SA.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE at the time, Lady Zamar said people needed to pay more attention before rushing to warm their Twitter fingers.

"I am aware that some people thought that I was lip-syncing but I did not. I was not lip- synching and anyone who thinks I was, didn't pay enough attention to the performance. It was me singing and not a recording," she said.

The singer also hit back at fashion haters over the weekend, shining bright in a yellow and black dress. 

It came less than a week after she trended on social media for an outfit she wore at the Miss SA pageant, with some comparing it to a Teletubby costume.

A close friend of Lady Zamar's told TshisaLIVE that she was not happy about what was said about her on Twitter. 

"She is not happy at all and is stressed about trending for all the wrong reasons."