Tory Lanez bodies Joyner Lucas & the internet is a mess!

22 November 2018 - 09:37 By Kyle Zeeman
Tory Lanez and Joyner Lucas had an epic rap battle this week.
Tory Lanez and Joyner Lucas had an epic rap battle this week.
Image: Roy Rochlin/Getty Images (Tory) / Paras Griffin/Getty Images ( Joyner)

Welcome to 2018 : it's exactly like 1995 but a bit more depressing. The good news is you'll mostly be able to keep up with the lingo cause Tory Lanez is keeping the spirit of the "dweeb" alive. 

Still, the rap battles are pretty fire.

The US rapper caused chaos on Twitter on Wednesday night when he dropped not one but two diss tracks aimed at his rival Joyner Lucas. 

The pair have had a back and forth all week and have been dropping freestyles quicker than Ginimbi drops coins. 

But it was Tory's latest exchange that had everyone ducking for cover. Some of the lines from his diss to Joyner include: "Eminem couldnโ€™t get you to a million on the Gram. Chris Brown tried n*gga failed both times. I took to your page a million in a day. If you ask me n*gga, Iโ€™m your motherf**king co-sign.โ€

Dude even threw in throwback phrases like "dweeb" and "geek".

Tory even mockingly pretended to be Joyner on the track. It was quite hilarious

Cava Tory and Joyner's first track and Tory's later response:  

Music fans were listening and went in hard with the memes.

Of course, yรกll knew that Joyner was gonna come with the heat too. He aimed right back and shot HARD!

Joyner's stans were convinced he won this round.

The pair later returned to social media to address fans and explain that they are all good, they are just doing it for "the sport".