WATCH | That time Bongo Maffin’s Jah Seed took his shot with Annie Lennox

01 December 2018 - 09:00 By Kyle Zeeman
Bongo Maffin's Jah Seed thought Annie Lennox's name was Annalena.
Bongo Maffin's Jah Seed thought Annie Lennox's name was Annalena.
Image: Instagram/ bizzie_doin_nuthin_

Jah Seed had no idea that Eurythmics frontwoman Annie Lennox was one of the world's most famous musicians when he tried to take his shot with her in Norway several years ago.

Apart from ama2000's, there aren't a lot of people in the world who don't know Annie Lennox. But the Bongo Maffin star told the Trending SA panel of presenters this week that he thought she was just a really attractive woman when the pair met.

"I bumped into Annie Lennox in Norway at a military show. I say, yo, she looked enticing. I say 'yo, what's your name.' She says 'No, I'm Annie Lennox'. I say: 'No, I am Adrian. I am from Africa. Can I have your number?"

Thandiswa Mazwai said he came back to the hotel and told her that he had met a "nice chick" called Annalena. Imagine, he even got her name wrong.

When the pair bumped into Annie a while later, Jah got excited and pointed her out to Thandiswa.

"He was like: 'Yo! There she is' and he starts screaming; 'Yo. Annalena'. I am like that's not Annalena. That is Annie Lennox," Thandiswa added.

It is just one of several stories from the group's travels around the world that have been shared since their reunion earlier this year.

They have been performing across the country over the last few months and recently released their latest single Harare.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE, the group's former mentor and label boss Oskido said there was no bad blood in the group since their return.

"They were just taking a break and they are back together now. There is no bad blood and no tension in the group. We just decided that now was the right time to get them back together and record a project. Many groups take a break, it is normal, but we are just grateful that they have come back together again."