Lerato Mvelase's role on Isibaya has opened her to the world of polygamy

03 December 2018 - 08:00 By Karishma Thakurdin
Actress and singer Lerato Mvelase has a better understanding of polygamy.
Actress and singer Lerato Mvelase has a better understanding of polygamy.

Like most people, actress Lerato Mvelase has learnt a lot about the practice of polygamy since joining Isibaya as Sibongile Mkhize. 

Fans of the show were introduced to Sibongile, the police officer who fell in love with and became Mpiyakhe Zungu's third wife. 

In an interview with Drum magazine Lerato admitted that before joining the show, her views on polygamy were very different. 

Lerato explained that playing Sibongile has given her a new perspective on the practice and even though she isn't sure she'd get into a polygamous relationship, she wouldn't completely rule it. 

She said that polygamy wasn't a bad thing and that unlike men who cheat, polygamists were honest. 

"I'd rather be with someone who's open with me from the beginning and who is open about having a wife. And by doing this he'd be giving me the right to make my own choice," she said. 

Away from the spotlight Lerato has been on her own journey of self-discovery. Earlier this year she opened up about how she felt "empty" before she heeded a calling to become a traditional healer. 

"Before I got into that space (traditional healing)...there was a sense of emptiness. A lot of us walk around and we're feeling empty, and you can't even explain what it is. People can be like 'you have a job, but you are pretty, but you have this' But you are empty. That was me, I used to walk around, I was an empty tin. I knew there was so much more to me," she said on Trending SA.