Will Petronella's advice to Mmabatho in 'The Queen' be discussed at the #MensConference?

14 February 2019 - 09:13 By Kyle Zeeman
Thembsie Matu plays Petronella in 'The Queen'.
Thembsie Matu plays Petronella in 'The Queen'.
Image: Via instagram

As Mzansi’s guys head to the #MensConference on Thursday, they may want to add an urgent item to the agenda – Petronella’s cold advice to Mmabatho in The Queen.

Mmabatho has stuck by her hubby, Shaka, through thick and thin, but found out recently that he had been cheating on her, AGAIN.

Heartbroken, she met up with sis Patty to vent about him and get some support.

While Shaka was hiding like a naughty dog, Mmabatho was contemplating ending his life.

She told sis Patty that she was so angry she wanted to kill him, but Petronella suggested she make him suffer instead.

“Make him suffer so that he learns his lesson,” she told her friend.

Mmabatho then called a family meeting to make a “big announcement” that had Shaka wishing the world would open up and swallow him.

He was on the edge of his seat in anticipation, and when his missus said she “recently learnt some new information”, he nearly passed out.

He tried to pull her aside to speak to her before she could finish her speech, but his family wasn’t having any of it.

In the end, Mmabatho announced that they were having a baby boy and Shaka could finally breathe.

It was all too much for the men of Mzansi, who took to Twitter to note that sis Patty’s tactic must be discussed at the #MensConference.