LOL! Rasta’s 'Boity painting' has Mzansi in a mess

19 February 2019 - 08:35 By Kyle Zeeman
A picture of Rasta apparently painting Boity has gone viral.
A picture of Rasta apparently painting Boity has gone viral.
Image: Twitter/ @Lebani_Sirenje

While the country grabbed the popcorn to watch Boity and DJ Cleo's showdown, a picture of Rasta working on a portrait, which social media users claimed was Boity  stole the spotlight.

Cleo came under fire on social media when he posted a series of pictures of himself with convicted rapist Brickz in prison, which seemed to be sympathetic towards the disgraced kwaito star. In a caption accompanying the pics, Cleo claimed that Brickz had "fallen" while running his own race but that it was not yet over for him.

The post sparked a war of words between Boity and Cleo, with social media users split over whether he was being supportive or a rape apologist.

The argument took a backseat for a few hours on Monday when an account using the name of infamous funeral painter Lebani "Rasta" Sirenje tweeted a picture of the artist painting a mural of what he claimed was Boity.

The post got over 3,000 likes and drew more than 850 comments.

Rasta has told TshisaLIVE in the past that the account is a fake and the picture he is using as the inspiration for his mural does not clearly resemble Boity. In fact, it is a picture of Karabo Mokoena the real Rasta used to paint a tribute mural at her memorial.

Despite this, social media users went crazy over the painting, with many urging Rasta to stop.

They even offered to come fetch his paint brushes and donate them to a nursery school, or whatever it took for him to stop "messing up" his painting for famous faces.