'Kukithi La' ma inherits a house with tenants and she’s gatvol!

15 March 2019 - 10:16 By Kyle Zeeman
Penny Lebyane is the host of 'Kukithi La'.
Penny Lebyane is the host of 'Kukithi La'.
Image: Instagram/Penny Lebyane

Just weeks after having to bury a family member, Refiloe was left shocked and upset when she moved into a relative's house and found it already occupied by tenants.

The worst part is the tenants didn't want to leave.

Ma spent nearly R200k buying the house after her relative's death, but it threatens to be a wasted investment because the tenants aren't budging.

Desperate, she turned to Moja Love's reality show, Kukithi La, to help her solve her issues.

But that brought more drama, amid accusations of dodgy business and sketchy lawyers.

On social media, fans of the show could relate to Refiloe's pain and filled timelines with memes and messages.

The general consensus was that she needed to get the cops involved and kick the tenants out.