Lerato Kganyago willing to fork out R50k to shut down 'fake boob' critics

30 May 2019 - 13:18 By CHRIZELDA KEKANA
Lerato Kganyago was accused of having fake boobs.
Lerato Kganyago was accused of having fake boobs.
Image: Via Lerato Kganyago's Instagram

Lerato Kganyago's TL turned into a "truth and dare" game on Wednesday night after she posted a picture of herself where her cleavage stole the spotlight. 

Shortly after Lerato shared a picture that perfectly showed off her boobs, her TL was filled with questions over whether the radio personality may gone under the knife. 

But Lerato wasn't about to let them run with that idea, so she dared them to come and meet her face-to-face so they can "touch and feel" the realness of her boobs.

"We can make a date so you can feel and touch them! On my mother's life, and I want you to come back and report here on Twitter. Give me a day! I’m at Metro FM between 9am - 12. Do it for your friends or send one of them! Deal?"

To make the dare even more enticing, Lerato put her money where her mouth is.

She offered the lady and her friends R50k if they pulled through to the studio and would - after feeling them - conclude that her boobs are fake.

Lerato said she's even willing to book them flights!

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