Pearl Thusi responds to backlash over Kelly K interview

'I will not use this platform ... to attack my black brothers and sisters and break them down'

20 June 2019 - 09:33 By Kyle Zeeman
Pearl Thusi has stood her ground.
Pearl Thusi has stood her ground.
Image: Via Pearl Thusi's Instagram

Pearl Thusi has hit back at the angry Twitter mob that formed on Thursday night to drag her after her interview with Kelly Khumalo.

Pearl was once again the talk of social media on Wednesday evening when her chat with Kelly on Behind The Story went viral.

Pearl chatted to Kelly about her career, rumours and the death of her late boyfriend Senzo Meyiwa.

However, fans thought she missed an opportunity to get Kelly's side of the story about the murder of the football star, especially in light of recent reports alleging that several arrests in connection with Senzo's murder were imminent.

Soon Pearl found herself on the Twitter trends list as waves of angry messages flooded her mentions, accusing her of being biased and "letting Kelly off the hook".

Pearl hit back at the criticism, telling her followers on Twitter that the interview was filmed before the reports of arrests surfaced.

"Hi everyone. Thank you for all the feedback on Behind The Story. Please note that the latest developments on issues relating to Kelly had not occurred at the time we conducted the interview. Thank you for watching."

She said she was grateful for the conversations the show had started but would not ambush her guests for the sake of entertainment.

"To expect me to ambush my guests or make them feel attacked by my line of questioning will never happen. To change their opinions or stories with my feelings or moral ethics/code is not what the show is about. Its called behind the story, not what Pearl thinks.

"This show is not a tabloid fest. I will not use this platform as a sensationalist platform to attack my black brothers and sisters and break them down. I'm celebrating them while I get to know and understand their story. It's their story. Not mine, and my feelings come second."