With Rocco gone, Rob is now the 'new superman' on Survivor SA

28 June 2019 - 14:00 By Kyle Zeeman
Rocco was booted off 'Survivor SA: Island of Secrets' this week.
Rocco was booted off 'Survivor SA: Island of Secrets' this week.
Image: Supplied

Rocco van Rooyen may be an Olympian javelinist but even he couldn't vault over his competitors on Survivor SA: Island of Secrets, getting booted off the island on Thursday night's episode of the M-Net hit reality show.

Rocco has been seen as one of the strongest contestants on the show and has been a target pretty much from the moment he arrived on the island.

His ability to win a challenge pretty much single-handedly saw him dubbed as Superman by Rob, and was quickly picked up by fans.

Rocco had an easy time on the island up until this week because of his tribes success at challenges. But he was thrown off by the second tribal shuffle of this season's competition as his team conspired to boot him off before he became too strong a threat at the upcoming merger.

The move was instigated by Rob and was quickly sealed with Jacques, Mike, Seipei and Cobus all on board.

After that blindside, fans believed it is now up to Rob to take up the mantle of superman, but he may face stiff opposition from superwoman, Steffi. She returned from the island of secrets to take Rocco's place.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE, Rocco laughed off suggestions that Rob was the new superman of the show.

"No ways! There is only one superman of Survivor SA and that is me."

He said he had no real regrets about his time on Survivor and didn't harbour any bitterness toward those who had voted him off.

"I  suppose I could have played the game more seriously and more intensely but I didn't anticipate there would be a switch up. I also didn't think that I would be separated from Danté so soon. But I knew from the moment that there was a switch up that I was in danger of being eliminated."