Jessica Nkosi: Any man who hits a woman belongs in the pits of hell

31 July 2019 - 14:13 By Kyle Zeeman
Jessica Nkosi had harsh words for abusers.
Jessica Nkosi had harsh words for abusers.
Image: Instagram/ Jessica Nkosi

Actress Jessica Nkosi has launched an angry attack on men who abuse their partners, declaring that such men belong "in the pits of hell!". 

Jessica made her feelings on the topic known this week when she took to Twitter to slam abusers.

"I don't care. Any man that hits a woman belongs in the pits of hell! How dare you say you love her but hurt her."

Jessica added that these men claimed their love but then turned around and harmed their partners. 

"These a**holes hit their wives, girlfriends, the mother of their kids! You declare your love but harm her! The hell!"

Although she would not reveal if the tweet was aimed at anyone specifically, her fans were quick to share their anger over abuse.

But when one fan claimed that Jessica should have kept her rant respectful, she hit back kindly.

Jessica is no stranger to calling out abuse and took to Twitter earlier this year to weigh in on a video of Mampintsha hitting his girlfriend Babes Wodumo.

She also applauded Babes for her bravery in opening a case against the star. The matter was later referred to Families SA (Famsa) for mediation and resolved.