'Serial killer' asks for mercy on 'uThando Noxolo' & it was hectic to watch!

More horrors were revealed

15 January 2020 - 09:44 By CHRIZELDA KEKANA
Andile Gaelesiwe hosts 'uThando Noxolo'.
Andile Gaelesiwe hosts 'uThando Noxolo'.
Image: Instagram/Andile Gaelesiwe

Tuesday night's episode of uThando Noxolo will go down in history as one of the most hectic episodes Mzansi has ever watched, thanks to Modikoe.

He asked the show to help him move on from his criminal past. He served 12 years for murder. The ex-convict said he wanted to apologise to his victim’s family.

While Modikoe introduced himself as a rehabilitated criminal, who had “mistakenly murdered” one woman, the heated confrontations that followed revealed other incidents the community blamed him for.

The people who seemed horrified by his presence told Twitter the issue was bigger than Modikoe had initially made it out to be.

He was called a “serial killer” repeatedly by those he wanted forgiveness from.

Watch the video below:

The place where the alleged murders took place was called Rest in Peace (yeah ... literally RIP), making the episode more creepy than it already was.

One granny's curse to Modikoe left many viewers with major chills, but they understood it came from a place of pain.

One tweep said: “The granny just cursed him and three generations after him. I'm not very traditional, but I'd be scared if I were him. The words of the elderly are the epitome of 'from my mouth to God's ears'. That curse gave me chills.”

Here are some of the other reactions: