IN MEMES | A cheater, blame shifter and overall trash - Girl leave that man

22 May 2019 - 11:25 By CHRIZELDA KEKANA
Andile Gaelesiwe is the new host of Uthando Noxolo.
Andile Gaelesiwe is the new host of Uthando Noxolo.
Image: Instagram/Andile Gaelesiwe

Uthando Noxolo promotes forgiveness and helps people find peace and allow them to love the people they have done the most horrid things to, but Tuesday's episode left tweeps wishing Thato and Ernest never considered reuniting.

This was after they found out how Ernest had been treating Thato "like a slave" and allegedly abusing her in a vat 'n sit setting for over 10 years. Tweeps were especially upset when Ernest spoke about how Thato was his "helper" and how she has no right to leave him or be upset with him because she's an "alcoholic".

As far as viewers of the show were concerned the man was a cheater who refused to take responsibility for his actions and he was not worth a second chance (or in his case chance number 93).

They had the memes for the episode!