'The liver!' - Mnakwethu's Siphiwe cheated on his sangoma wife & tweeps can’t deal!

12 February 2020 - 11:59 By Chrizelda Kekana
Musa Mseleku is the host of 'Mnakwethu'.
Musa Mseleku is the host of 'Mnakwethu'.
Image: Via Instagram

Tuesday's night's episode of Mnakwethu left viewers terrified for Zandi's life after it became clear that Siphiwe's first wife, a sangoma, was not totally welcoming of the polygamous lifestyle her husband was “requesting”.

Siphiwe's first wife, referred to as makhosi because of her ancestral calling, was not only feisty, but full-on unimpressed with her husband.

As per distasteful Mnakwethu norms, Siphiwe had been cheating with Zandi for a while and asked the show to help him suggest to his first wife that he take her as his second. 

It went pear-shaped when he failed to answer questions, such as whether he was financially able to support the lifestyle he desired. It was so lit that he ended up having to pay a fine of three goats by month-end for disrespecting makhosi and her ancestors.

Tweeps loved makhosi's “no-nonsense” attitude — she was one of the first women on the show to explicitly show her disgust with her husband. 

They also hoped Zandi would pick up the “curses” and “threats” between the lines and leave.

However, Zandi seemed determined to stay, despite the tension and, well, Siphiwe seemed to think he could handle both women.

Twitter was shook because, really, in the words of the 2000s:

“Cheating on a woman rolling with the underground gang is next level bravery! No cap!”

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