IN MEMES | 'Skeem Saam' fans have mixed feelings for Leeto 'these days'

10 February 2021 - 15:00
Eric Macheru plays Leeto on 'Skeem Saam'.
Eric Macheru plays Leeto on 'Skeem Saam'.
Image: Via Eric's Instagram

Having been part of Skeem Saam since its inception, fans have watched Leeto Maputla grow from a reckless party boy to a responsible family man and lawyer.

However, they are struggling to stomach the paranoid, spoilt and selfish version of Leeto and took to the TL to express as much.

Leeto, played by actor Eric Macheru, has been through a lot recently, including divorcing his wife Mokgadi, slapping his stepson Noah and trying to keep a secret that could destroy his career hidden.

Even though he's been dealing with problem after problem, the root of his issues began with the now dead murderer Tumishang. While he was representing the guy in court, Tumishing confessed to Leeto that he killed Kelebogile. Tumishang has since died and the search for Kelebogile's bones and closure for her family continues.

Leeto finds himself between a rock and a hard place because as much as he wants justice for Kele, he doesn't want to implicate himself in the process.

All this has made him paranoid, which has lifted the veil on how he is a "spoilt, privileged Maputla boy". This seems to be putting Skeem Saam viewers off and his latest visit to the police station to "rescue" Nimrod did not help his case in the court of Twitter opinion.

Here are some of the top reactions in memes to Leeto: