WATCH | Michael B Jordan invited Trevor Noah to the gym — his response is hilarious!

08 May 2021 - 10:00 By chrizelda kekana
'The Daily Social Distancing Show' host Trevor Noah had Michael B Jordan as a guest on his show.
'The Daily Social Distancing Show' host Trevor Noah had Michael B Jordan as a guest on his show.
Image: YouTube/Screenshot from The Daily Social Distancing Show

SA-born comedian Trevor Noah received an invite to work on his summer body from US superstar and actor Michael B Jordan

The Daily Social Distancing Show host recently had the Creed actor as a guest on his show to talk about the new project he’s been working on, Without Remorse, where he plays action hero John Clark.

When they talked about the amount of gym and healthy eating that goes into transforming one’s body for the roles the actor takes on, Michael extended an invite to Trevor to go to gym with him.

Trevor, who joked about aspiring to grow Michael-like muscles, had a hilarious response to the offer.

The conversation went something like:

Trevor: Before we talk about the movie I just wanna know how much more muscle are you planning to create, like from your human body? Because I watched you the whole movie and it was very discouraging, Michael, because I stay at home and I eat ice cream.  Do you actually eat?

Michael: I was actually about to eat some strawberry doughnuts, so I do eat, I eat a lot. I've actually let myself go in recent months, it's been pretty bad Quarantine has taken it toll on this body...

See the body below... *sigh*

Then the convo took a quick hilarious turn when Michael offered to work out with Trevor.

Michael: Listen, we got to work out one time. That's it!

Trevor: Why would I do that to myself as a human being? Why would I, as Trevor Noah, go work out with Michael B Jordan? To feel what about myself Michael, what are you trying to do?

Michael: Feel great, feel great. The first couple of days you gonna feel like death but then after that you gonna feel great!

The pair laughed.

Watch the video below:

While Trevor may not have a "Michael B Jordan" type of body, he's still considered a snack by many women all over the world.

In fact, the comedian recently received a viral TikTok proposal  when TikToker @maya2950 took to the popular short video streaming platform to declare her feelings for the comedian.

In the video created just for him, she listed the reasons why she and Trevor are a match made in heaven, including how she makes “a mean grilled cheese” sandwich.

She claimed to even have the stamp of approval from Trevor's colleague, Roy Wood Jr.

“Also, as you can see, I’ve already met Roy Wood Jr. He gave me free tickets to his show. He talked for like 20 minutes at this BBQ joint. It was great. So I’m already co-worker approved. I can go to all our work functions!”

The user said she and Trevor would make a great couple because of their shared interests.

If you’ve ever seen any of my videos, I clearly care about all the same things you do. You are the one who inspired me to get people to register to be poll workers last year.

"Anyway, my DMs are always open for you so hit me up," she said.