WATCH | Jub Jub slams SA celebrities, says he’s coming after them with ‘Uyajola 9/9’

‘You guys forgot where you come from and are treating fans badly’

04 June 2021 - 12:00
The star said some celebs are heartless because they 'forget' where they come from.
The star said some celebs are heartless because they 'forget' where they come from.
Image: Instagram/Jub Jub

Musician and TV presenter Jub Jub says he is going to expose celebrities and their scandals on the upcoming season of the hit reality TV show Uyajola 9/9

Jub jub took to social media to shed light on what to expect in season 6 of the Moja Love series on channel 157.

He said while it is too late execute his plan to expose celebs in season 6, he panned to use season 7 to come for celebs on his local version of the  Cheaters show.

The Uyajola 9/9host claims he has files filled with the “dirty laundry” of Mzansi’s celebs.

In his video on Instagram, Jub Jub mentioned Prince Kaybee, Mihlali Ndamase and DA LES among the celebs whose alleged “cheating” scandals he’s looking to expose as soon as he conducts his own investigations.

“It’s nothing personal guys, I am working here,” Jub Jub said, adding, “My people want the scoop”.

Here’s the video he posted below:

In another video posted on Instagram, Jub Jub slammed Mzansi’s rich and famous for being allegedly heartless and forgetting their roots.

“So you’ve got fans who are supporting you. Fans who are buying your music, fans who are following you guys. You know fans who are supporting you through your career and they’ve been there. You guys are so heartless that you forgot where you grew up,” said Jub Jub.

Reminding celebs of reality for some of their fans, the star said treating adoring followers badly because of where they are from won’t fly with him.

“Some of you all might have been multiracial kids and grew up in mansions. But there are those who grew up in four rooms, one room, but you guys forgot where you come from and are treating fans badly. I don’t like that,” he said. 

He went on to tell celebs they should humble themselves and if they don’t, there will be dire consequences.

“Humble yourselves and treat these people right because if you don’t do it, then it’ll be a problem. You don’t want your fans switching up on you.” said Jub Jub. 

Watch here:

Even though Uyajola 9/9 is yet to make its comeback, Jub Jub and the team had tongues wagging earlier this year after they were apparently spotted in Matatiele in the Eastern Cape.

Jub Jub found himself on the Twitter trends list again when a video of what appears to be the star and his TV crew chasing a man on a horse went viral. In the video, the man who resembles Jub Jub, dressed in white, is seen confronting a man, who makes a quick exit on horseback.

The host was not about to take the L and ran after the man, with film crew in tow.