Donald speaks on enduring cyberbullying throughout his career

“I’ve suffered so much cyberbullying throughout my career.”

12 October 2021 - 13:00 By Joy Mphande
Donald opens up about his experience with cyberbullying.
Donald opens up about his experience with cyberbullying.
Image: Instagram/ Donald

Musician Donald has been reflecting on his time in the entertainment industry and now has opened up about his experience with cyberbullying. 

Donald took to Twitter last Saturday and said he was struggling to comprehend why people have “a problem” with him because of the way they treat him online.

“I’ve suffered so much cyberbullying throughout my career but If you asked half those people why they had a problem with me, they wouldn’t be able to tell you anything substantial, bizarre, but I’m still here kicking a** with my real supporters,” he wrote.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE about his seventh studio album Dreams launching on October 22, Donald said he had bared it all in his upcoming project, looking back at the past 15 months. 

“I've been busy putting the album together. It's a really solid project that I put my whole life into because, just with how life has been for us for the past 15 months, I needed to put my soul into something.” he said.

The album that features Cici and amapiano stars Lady Du and Boohle is also said to have a mystery international star yet to be unveiled nearing the release of his album.

“I wanted, to make a current album, very current to what is happening right now ... it features some of the most amazing young artists coming out now.”

“I had an opportunity to work with an amazing international artist from the US, he's an RnB artist. We have a plan to reveal the artist on the week of the release.”