Not a good start for romance

In a village in Venda, Thandeka has a chance encounter with a business tycoon who offers her the words of comfort she has been longing to hear.

Dov Fedler on pretending to be a movie director

Beloved political cartoonist Dov Fedler had the opportunity in the 1980s to make a lifelong dream come true: direct a movie.

Webinar: 'Brutal School Ties' by Sam Cowen (July 29)

'Brutal School Ties' uncovers Parktown Boys' culture of violence and initiation, shrouded in a code of silence.

Webinar: 'The Rise or Fall of South Africa' by Frans Cronje (July 22)

Join Cronje for a discussion on a new set of scenarios of how the world and SA will change in the 2020s and beyond.

High drama as students face all-powerful president in 'The Fall'

Set against the #FeesMustFall movement, but in an alternative SA, this is speculative fiction with high suspense and sociopolitical commentary.

Sifiso Mzobe's 'Young Blood' to be published in the US

US publisher Catalyst Press has acquired the rights to publish SA author Sifiso Mzobe’s award-winning literary debut 'Young Blood' in North America.

Tom Eaton's take on expectations in SA

Are we frogs in a boiling pot, or a stressed but resilient nation trying to make sense of bizarre times?

'War Party' details SA's 'culture of blood'

Journalist Greg Ardé exposes a deadly nexus of politics, crime and the taxi industry.

Sam Cowen uncovers a dark history at leading boys' school

In September 2018, Collan Rex, the former water polo coach at Parktown Boys High School found guilty of 144 charges of sexual assault and 14 of ...

In memoriam: Elsa Joubert (Oktober 19 1922 – Junie 14 2020)

"Elsa Joubert was ’n pionier, sy was haar tyd vooruit."