Stories of acceptance and rejection

'They Called Me Queer' highlights the fight for equality and identity in SA

Launch: 'So You Want to Build a Startup?' by Matthew Buckland (August 21)

The late digital guru's frank and refreshing account of building a new-media business will be launched at the Book Lounge on August 21.

The story of Zephany Nurse, who grew up believing she was Miché Solomon

Told with astonishing maturity, honesty and compassion, 'Zephany' is also a story of what it means to love and be loved, and of claiming your ...

Joburg launch: 'Betrayal' by Jonathan Ancer (August 20)

Ancer's new book explores what it takes to betray those closest to you – and what it means to be betrayed.

Secrets exposed, betrayals confronted

Edyth Bulbring explores betrayal in 1960s and contemporary Johannesburg.

A colourful and engaging look into a uniquely South African life

Growing up in the 1990s in a small East Asian community in the largely Afrikaans Bloemfontein, Ming-Cheau Lin was always the outsider.

Fiction Friday | 'The Ones With Purpose' by Nozizwe Cynthia Jele

Ma turned to me. “And you,” she said, wriggling her shaking finger, “if you ever bring such shame on my house you know what will happen to you.”

Bekendstelling: 'In my vel' deur Azille Coetzee (Augustus 6)

Coetzee en Marianne Thamm sal dié ware verhaal van navigasie, deur twee stede, by die Book Lounge bespreek.

Bekendstelling: Debbie Loots se tweede roman (Augustus 5)

'Die boek van gelukkige eindes' word op Maandag, Augustus 5 by die Book Lounge bekendgestel.

Spy games and dirty tricks abound in Africa's tobacco industry

Johann van Loggerenberg's 'Tobacco Wars' explores the seedy underbelly of the continent's tobacco industry.