No scandal in big 'Sorry' in Jozi sky, but an apology from money to humans

27 February 2015 - 12:58 By Shenaaz Jamal

The big ‘Sorry” in the Johannesburg sky yesterday morning was money’s attempt to rekindle their relationship with humans.

According to 22seven a digital money managing service that was behind the gesture, it was their way of promoting a healthy relationships between people and money.

The service that works through a free phone application launched in 2012 and was bought over by Old Mutual.

The sorry in the sky had social media a buzz with people wondering what the writings in the sky meant or who the apology was directed to.

@Adamaf17 tweeted:  whose epic apology is in the sky all morning? Someone feels really bad about something...

@TheDavidAlves: Looks like someone messed up real bad... Jirre!

@SamLetang: Some guy just wrote this in the sky in Jozi. Haha someone's in trouble.

22seven founder and CEO Christo Davel said the apology campaign was meant to be equivalent to an apology humans would extend to one another because it takes one to realize the fault in order to fix the dysfunctional relationship.