Taxify driver fired for calling fashion designer a ‘p**s’

22 August 2017 - 15:08 By Aphiwe Deklerk
Image: Gallo Images/iStock

E-hailing company Taxify has sacked one of its drivers after he called a passenger a “p**s”.

This incident allegedly happened in Johannesburg on Friday night to fashion designer James Moroeng.

On Monday‚ Moroeng tweeted: “A #Taxify driver swore at me for cancelling a trip that happened to be an incorrect request. How does one report such situations?”

His tweet was accompanied by a screen grab of the conversation in which the driver called him a "p**s”. Moroeng replied: “I am going to report you.”

Taxify responded to the tweet‚ saying they were addressing the matter.

Marilin Noorem‚ Taxify spokesperson‚ confirmed to TimesLIVE on Tuesday that the driver has since been removed from their platform.

“We do not give second chances in case of verbal or physical abuse. The quality of the service is very important for Taxify and we expect excellent customer service from our drivers‚” she said.

She said all their drivers undergo training where they learn how to use the App and the basics of customer service before they are allowed to go online.

“Drivers with issues like dirty cars‚ bad navigation or poor communication skills undergo an additional training‚” she said.

Moroeng declined to be interviewed when contacted via Facebook. He said he did not want that "kind of publicity”.


His tweet was met with much laughter and jokes.

“If anything‚ I'm saddened that the public on Twitter chose to make it a funny thing when this was unprofessional behaviour. You post about your work‚ they don't retweet and you struggle to get clients. You post about something like this‚ you get the highest retweets and likes ever‚” he said.