Lotto man's SA wife wins right to stay in UK

03 October 2017 - 07:53 By Taschica Pillay
Gavel. File photo.
Gavel. File photo. Gavel. File photo.
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Former Lotto and Road 2 Riches TV presenter Paul Freathy and his wife Gail have been victorious over the UK Home Office and will no longer be deported from Britain.

The couple fought this year to stay in the country after Gail's spousal visa expired. She was told to leave the UK and then reapply for a visa, but decided to stay put and try to resolve the problem.

Briton Freathy, 58, and South African-born Gail applied for a family permit or leave-to-remain visa. Both were denied. After initially being told they had just 28 days to leave, Gail appealed the decision.

An ecstatic Gail later received a letter saying her appeal was successful after they turned for help from the European Convention on Human Rights.

"We won on human rights grounds. The judge ruled in our favour, along with awarding us the costs of the hearing," said Freathy.

The couple was prepared to sell their photography shop in Devon to fund their battle.

"It is such a relief. We have been able to keep the shop," said Freathy.

The pair left South Africa after a violent robbery at their Johannesburg home in 2003.

The spousal visa, according to Freathy, was initially not renewed because the Home Office discovered that the photography business was not paying them a full salary.