Not the first time Tumi Morake insulted whites‚ BCCSA told

18 October 2017 - 13:32 By Naledi Shange
Tumi Morake.
Tumi Morake.
Image: Supplied

Last month was not the first time that radio personality and comedian Tumi Morake made offensive comments towards white people‚ a Jacaranda FM listener submitted to the Broadcasting Complaints Commission of SA (BCCSA).

In the written complaint‚ the listener said that in August‚ Morake and her co-host Martin Bester had held a discussion on funerals during their breakfast show.

He claimed that Morake said “white people do not cry out of their hearts at funerals” and explained that this was because they “do not fall on the ground‚ moan‚ cry and show remorse at funerals like African persons do”.

The listener said he felt Morake had crossed the line with this statement.

He was further disturbed when Morake used a bicycle-and-bully analogy last month to explain apartheid.

During the radio show‚ Morake said it was like bullies on a playground who stole another child’s bicycle but instead of being punished for their stealing‚ the thief and the bicycle owner now had to share the bike and play together.

The complainant‚ who was one of six who had laid complaints with the BCCSA‚ said he was offended by what he believed was Morake’s comparison to selfish bullies.

“Again‚ I thought to myself is this possible that Tumi Morake again points to white people as if they have no values‚ worth or humanity?” the complainant wrote.

Another wrote that “Morake’s opinion was that white people should still be punished for what their forefathers did at the time”.

“I find this offensive as nobody has ever given us a deadline as to when the opposite discrimination and punishment will come to an end so we can get this country to stand up and go forward in unity‚” wrote the complainant.

Another complainant was a 19-year-old youth who highlighted that she had nothing to do with apartheid.

“She antagonised white people. She is of a different race and she believes her race is superior‚ being ‘pro-black’ and all that‚” the complainant alleged.

The listener further said: “Shame on you! Drop playing the victim as you haven’t been one ever since you turned 14. Yeah‚ it’s been 23 years now.”

The BCCSA on Thursday heard submissions from a legal representative for the complainants and another for Jacaranda FM.