'Teacher abuse is escalating': Sadtu on recent attack by pupils

12 June 2018 - 11:48 By Nomahlubi Jordaan
File photo
File photo

Teachers’ union Sadtu has condemned violence at schools‚ as a video surfaced showing pupils attack a teacher.

In the video‚ the two pupils are seen repeatedly punching and kicking a teacher to the ground while she screams. The teacher can be seen trying to fight back‚ but the two girls overpower her.

The school is believed to be in Limpopo. However‚ the department’s provincial spokesperson Sam Makondo said they had not yet established where the school is.

“We have sent the video to all our district offices to ask them to help us identify the school‚” Makondo said.

Sadtu spokesperson Nomusa Cembi said the incident was part of a worrying trend.

“Such incidents seem to be escalating at a rapid pace. We condemn the incident. The law should take its course.”

Cembi appealed to parents to play a more active role by instilling discipline in their children.

“The level of violence at schools is uncalled for. Teachers really have it hard. Parents should play an active role and discipline their children.”

She said Sadtu would look into hosting seminars on violence for school principals.

“We have hosted the seminars and it is something we need to revisit as Sadtu‚ to empower our principals on violence.”

In March‚ TimesLIVE reported on video footage showing a pupil throwing what appeared to be an exercise book at a teacher in a classroom. The teacher walks out of the class while appearing to make a phone call after being hit by the book. In another incident at a Kempton Park high school‚ two teachers were assaulted by pupils.

Early this year‚ the Education for Social Justice Foundation expressed outrage at violence directed at teachers. The foundation called for the installation of cameras in all South African classrooms to deal with “ill disciplined” pupils.

Many ordinary South Africans responded to the latest video‚ which is being shared on social media platforms.

Nontokozo Tshambo commented on Twitter: “No protection whatsoever as teachers‚ I hope officials can see how bad the situation is in our schools. The learners are controlling us because they have all these rights that are turning them into monsters.”

“We are being highly disrespected as educators. These kids aren’t taught good behaviour at their homes. I don’t know how society expect educators to carry out lessons and be psychologist at once.

"It’s real in these classes for these 6 hours we are dumped with these kids‚” said ArtSlave via Twitter.