WATCH | Gun-wielding thugs rob man in Pretoria car park

02 July 2018 - 11:29 By TimesLIVE

Has the so-called Rolex gang struck again?

CCTV footage emerged over the weekend of the moment a man was robbed at gunpoint by an armed gang in Pretoria - allegedly for his watch. 

In the video, a black Mercedes-Benz can be seen pulling into a parking lot where three men are standing around talking. The sedan slowly does a three-point turn then pauses next to the group. Seconds later an armed criminal leaps out of the back seat and runs straight for the one man, as the rest of the group scatter.

The man falls to the floor as the criminal gestures for him to remove his watch, while his accomplice gets out of the vehicle to reinforce him. The two leap back into the Mercedes that speeds off, leaving the victim apparently unharmed.

Police spokesperson Captain Koba Brits told the Rekord East community newspaper that police were searching for between two and three suspects who robbed a man at gunpoint.