WATCH | Sneaky leopard uses cars as cover to stalk prey

23 August 2018 - 14:11 By TimesLIVE

The mark of a good predator is being able to use your surroundings to better stalk your prey - even if it includes a bunch of tourist-filled cars.

A tourist, who caught this amazing sighting in the Pilanesberg National Park, told Kruger National Park that they knew the knew a leopard was on the hunt and lurking somewhere nearby in the tall grass but could not spot it. Suddenly the leopard appeared in the road, using the cars as cover to creep towards a group of impala.

His sneaky plan was foiled when the impala spotted him and bolted. He then hides in a termite mount to ambush some warthogs, but they also got away after a quick chase between the cars.

Undaunted, the leopard finally uses a white vehicle to stalk a new herd of impala, even going so far as to crawl underneath the car. Its unclear if the leopard eventually got his lunch.