RocoMamas vs McDonald's: Their latest beef got so cheesy

04 June 2019 - 17:01 By Unathi Nkanjeni
Beef or rather chilli cheese fries anyone?
Beef or rather chilli cheese fries anyone?
Image: Twitter/@McDonalds_SA

Beef or chilli cheese fries anyone? SA fast-food joint RocoMamas has accused fast-food giant McDonald's of biting its idea - again.

It all started with a tweet, where McDonald's was promoting its new chilli cheese fries.  Translated, the tweet reads: "You call yourself an independent lady but you can't afford to spoil yourself with chilli cheese fries, how babes?"

An observant social media user noticed the similarities of the McDonald's fries to those of RocoMama's and asked if the fast-food joint had "died".

Responding to the questions, RocoMamas asked McDonald's if it was looking for something else to copy.

Many found this "altercation" between the two hilarious, even suggesting that RocoMamas' account could be hacked. Here is a snapshot of some reactions: