WATCH | The incredible magician's act that left an audience in tears

17 April 2018 - 11:00 By TimesLIVE

Britain's Got Talent magician Marc Spelmann amazed the judges with his magic act where he told a gut-wrenching story of survival.

The Mirror reported that he told the audience about his wife, Tessa's battle with breast cancer while she was pregnant - after years of failed IVF.

Spelmann described this period as "pure hell," as he was conveying the full extant of the heartache the family went through. He shared that the couple had decided to give IVF one last chance, after five rounds and ten years of trying for a baby. In an emotional moment, Spelmann said the real magic was the birth of his daughter.

He took his act a few notches up with an elaborate trick that involved a video his daughter Isabella and participation from the judges. His act mesmerised the audience and had a number in tears, earning him the first golden buzzer of the competition.