Where are the strong unpopular leaders?

Every Sunday, Carte Blanche exposes laziness, incompetence and shocking failure of service delivery. "We" are all astounded, we shake our heads and we shout that the leaders, specifically the heads of the various departments should resign and be held accountable.

18 October 2017 - 09:38 By Gavin Sharples
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Gavin Sharples.
Gavin Sharples.
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When confronted, these leaders act surprised, make excuses, blame underlings, and promise to look into things. We shout, we scream, we turn to social media and we become racists as we rant.

So are the staff really to blame? Yes, and No.

I believe the blame lies squarely on managers, supervisors, directors, CEO’s, COO’s, CFO’s, and any other “O” who is a main “O”. Basically, the people whose job it is to make sure that people actually do their job.

Let's face it, if nobody is checking up on me, if there is no accountability, if there are no consequences why the hell am I going to do the job? Your job Mr/s. Leader, as the person in authority, is to get your staff to answer the bloody phone. Your job is to get your staff to solve the problem, fix the roof, build the table, and pack away the weight equipment. It's your bloody job to motivate, cajole, coerce, motivate, kick, scream, explain, and get them to do their bloody jobs.

If you can't do the job of getting your people to do their jobs, then you should change your job.

The real problem is that most managers or people in senior positions hate conflict. They believe that they are there to be liked, and to be popular, so they don't rock the boat.

My research has shown that up to 80% of managers will not hold staff accountable for fear of conflict.

Did you get that? 80% of the shocking, dismal, pathetic service goes unchecked because managers are too scared to hold people accountable. They just shift the complaints to the 20% who actually do their jobs, thereby putting them under stress and creating a culture of resentment.

There seems to be such a need to be Mr. Popular or Mrs. Friendly, that no one is chastised for not doing his or her job. This country is crying out for leadership and it's not only in government. You Mr. CEO, Mr. COO, Mrs. CFO, Mr. Regional Manager, Director, Sales Manager, Supervisor, are not there to be liked, you are not there to make friends. You have one job, to get your reports to do their bloody jobs. If Carte Blanche gives you Intel about your company that you didn't know; you are fired. Hand over the keys, the expense account, the debentures, the shares, the bonuses and shaded parking, and allow a grown-up to run the company. You know, someone with balls who can make decisions and hold people accountable. It is your job to know if a customer has taken to social media as a final measure, and unless you have already fired someone; you're fired. If you do not have enough resources and nobody is listening to you and all of your efforts, then just resign. It's really quite simple; do your job or leave.


This article was originally published in the Gavin Sharples.

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