'SAA wouldn't let me fly with my prosthetic leg' - Paralympic medallist Tyrone Pillay

20 September 2016 - 15:15 By Nomahlubi Jordaan
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Paralympian bronze medallist Tyrone Pillay has come out guns blazing against South African Airways on his return from Rio De Janeiro‚ claiming the airline refused to allow his prosthetic leg on board the flight.

In a series of posts on Twitter and Facebook‚ Pillay updated his fans on his journey from Rio until the Paralympics team had “touched down” in South Africa on Tuesday.


Pillay‚ a shot-putter‚ won bronze in the in the F42 category at the Paralympics.


He did not immediately respond to questions about why the airline would not have allowed the prosthetic on board.

SAA has also been approached for comment.

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