How Teko Modise's talents caught music mogul Chicco Twala's eye

04 December 2017 - 10:41 By Ofentse Ratsie
Teko Modise sign his book during the Launch of the book, The Curse of Teko Modise at Exclusive Books, Mall of Rosebank on November 29, 2017 in Johannesburg.
Teko Modise sign his book during the Launch of the book, The Curse of Teko Modise at Exclusive Books, Mall of Rosebank on November 29, 2017 in Johannesburg.
Image: Lefty Shivambu/Gallo Images

Cape Town City midfielder Teko Modise’s biography reveals how former Ria Stars football club co-director Sello "Chicco" Twala pursued the player to join his club.

The Meadowlands-born star‚ whose football career started with Coventry and City Rebels at amateur level‚ was spotted by the music mogul Twala affectionately known for his collaborations with Brenda Fassie.

Teko’s talent had caught the eye of Twala who fielded the midfielder in a game for a Ria Stars development team against a Tembisa XI.

After just 20 minutes in the game in Soweto on a hot Saturday‚ Twala called Modise off and instructed that he sit next to him.

"'Go get changed and come sit with me'‚ Chicco told Teko‚" in the story told in The Curse of Teko Modise‚ a book written by Nikolaos Kirkinis and published by Jacana Media.

Shocked Modise came back from the changerooms and sat next to the intimidating Twala in absolute silence.

Having had many disappointment in trials up to this point‚ he thought he had blown his chances.

As the book relates‚ Modise was sitting eating with the other young boys from the development team‚ privately fuming.

"Halfway through this feast‚ one of the senior players walked up to him.

"'Hey‚ Chief‚ you starting there.'"

"Teko looked up‚ with his food hanging out of his mouth. 'Starting where my boeti?'.

"'The first team. You're starting. Come get your boots. Let's go'."

Once again Modise was pulled off early by Twala‚ this time after 45 minutes.

"Chicco had hardly said anything to Teko the whole day. After the game‚ he walked up to the young boy‚ pointed a finger at him and said. 'I'll come to your house tomorrow.'"

"That's all he said. But for Teko‚ who had been lied to and fed nonsense his whole life‚ this felt like just another empty promise.""

According to the book‚ while Modise was chilling in his hood in Soweto watching a game still exhausted from the previous day’s match‚ a young boy was sent to call him.

"'Ace wants you'‚ the little boy said."

Teko was headed back to the home of the man he was staying with‚ named "Ace"‚ where he noticed a white Mercedes-Benz parked outside.

The player thought maybe it was some rich guy coming to buy alcohol.

"When he rounded the corner‚ he saw Chicco talking to Ace‚" the book reveals.

"Chicco came with the story that he wanted to take Teko to Ria Stars. He promised Teko would finish school in Limpopo and would be well looked after. Teko listened but didn't get excited.

"'If it happens‚ it happens‚ is all Teko said to them."

"… The next day‚ Teko returned to school for the start the week. As predicted‚ nothing special happened. The boys went to assembly‚ came back from assembly‚ and started class.

"'You see‚' Teko said to one of his mates‚ 'This guy is not coming.'

"Ten minutes into class‚ the whole school was called back to assembly.

"Suddenly Teko saw Chicco standing in front of the whole school‚ next to the headmaster.

" … Teko was shaking. He was hiding in the corner. He was so nervous. He was a shy guy‚ and this was his worst nightmare.

"'I've got a surprise for the school.' Chicco paused and looked around.

"'There is a boy here.' He paused again "One boy who plays football like I have never seen someone play football before in my life.

"'I have a PSL team. I want it to be as big as Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates ... " He paused for a long time.

"'And I am here to announce that I am going to take Teko Modise with me.'"

"The school erupted. They all went crazy. This was the biggest thing to happen in a place like this."