Medshield’s 2021 benefits to support members in the wake of Covid-19

‘Live Assured’ provides peace of mind to Medshield members

16 September 2020 - 13:37
Medshield Medical Scheme is the first to launch its benefit options and contributions for 2021.
Medshield Medical Scheme is the first to launch its benefit options and contributions for 2021.
Image: Supplied/Medshield

The Covid-19 pandemic brought an unexpected twist to our launch into a new decade. Many have been affected by the virus across all spheres of life including health, business, community and lifestyle — and we have seen how people have had to adapt fast to the new normal.

In SA, we continue to deal with a unique case needing novel solutions. The quadruple disease burden and deep structural societal issues put our country in a most vulnerable position. Alongside concerns about how our health-care systems would cope with treating the expected magnitude of Covid-19 cases, balancing this with other diseases such as HIV/Aids, TB, cancer and medical emergencies needed a specialised approach.  

As a medical scheme, the pandemic presented us with opportunities for health-care innovation so that we could continue to offer excellent support to our members during this difficult and uncertain time.

Medshield Medical Scheme is the first to launch its benefit options and contributions for 2021. South Africans are feeling the economic impact of the recession and lockdown. Medshield placed the interest of its members first, and only increased its monthly contributions with an average 5.9% across the product range.

This means that for members on the MediPhila plan, monthly premiums will increase by an affordable R84, with the maximum increase being R350 on our top-end plans. Medshield’s annual product offering is expected to be below the industry average, providing excellent value.

Keeping members assured in trying times

In line with our member-centric approach to health-care insurance, we are rolling out our new product offering with the overall new theme of “Live Assured”. Even the most secure people have moments when they need assurance. It’s part of being human. As we navigate uncertain times, our health cover gives members the reassurance that they will be taken care of in times of sickness. It is the certainty people are looking for that comes from trusting Medshield’s promise to provide a high level of care, attention and medical treatment should they need it. “Live Assured” provides peace of mind to Medshield members. 

Our member-centric options are offered at competitive prices in comparison to the market. We aim to provide excellent value for money, while being a responsible value contributor to the SA health-care marketplace. Medshield has specifically kept its contribution adjustment for 2021 low by drawing on its sufficient reserves while also increasing the member benefits for the 2021 period.

We hope these measures will add value to the lives of our members and support them in these trying times. Medshield has partnered with specific providers and networks to ensure that the health-care expenses of our members remain contained, that they are not liable for any unforeseen co-payments, and that their disposable income does not shrink due to unplanned health-care expenses.

After years of hard work, tireless dedication and unwavering commitment we received our self-administration accreditation confirmation from the Council for Medical Schemes. We were the first scheme to be tested on the new version 6 accreditation standards, and we have passed. This is no simple feat and is a huge accolade.

About the author: Thoneshan Naidoo is principal officer at Medshield.
About the author: Thoneshan Naidoo is principal officer at Medshield.
Image: Supplied/Medshield

The fourth industrial revolution has played a critical role in ensuring members are more empowered to take care of their health while lowering barriers to affordable, quality health care and increasing convenience to members. Medshield SmartCare has in fact paved the way for the adoption of telemedicine in SA.

Sustainable partnerships with clinics and pharmacies allow members to see a nurse who conducts an initial assessment based on the patient’s needs and, if necessary, dials up a family practitioner who does a virtual consultation. Together they advise you on your treatment plan and medication.

The programme has consistently received positive feedback as it is not only convenient, but puts the trust back into health care, and more recently is a way of accessing a family practitioner during the lockdown period.

Medshield members remain in good hands

Medshield members are in steady hands. The scheme has kept a consistently high rating by respected credit ratings agency GCR. It has also, despite the adverse context of the Covid-19 pandemic, maintained its AA- stable outlook rating in 2020, for the fourteenth year in a row. The scheme maintains a solvency ratio well above the statutory 25%.

With a 52-year history, Medshield is driven by its mission to provide access to affordable high-quality health care through partnerships at competitive prices in comparison to the market. We remain a transparent and sensible supporter of national initiatives to provide greater access to quality health care for all South Africans.

We confirm our commitment to a member-centric approach and are dedicated to ensuring all members and their dependents continue to receive much-needed quality health care. At Medshield, our vision is “Caring about you towards a healthier nation”, and in challenging times like these, it is now more important than ever that we come together to fulfil our vision for a bright future. We remain committed to placing the wellbeing of our members at the centre by paying special attention to their needs, even as we negotiate our way out of the Covid-19 storm. 

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