Restaurant review: Asoka, Cape Town

05 September 2015 - 02:00 By Meaghan Essel
Asoka Restaurant, Bar and Lounge in Cape Town.
Asoka Restaurant, Bar and Lounge in Cape Town.
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Walking up the buzzing streets of Kloof, I could never have imagined a secret cove among bustling stores and restaurants would hold such a beautiful surprise, writes Meaghan Essel

As I climbed the little flight of stairs leading to the deck of Asoka, a flutter of dainty lights shone down on a casual yet classy setting. Cushions scattered the couches surrounding the perimeter of the deck and blooms of flowers sat on quirky tables held up by barrels. The door to Asoka was open and within was a fairy tale.


The interior held scores of details; the lighting was romantically dimmed. The walls glittered with murals of Oriental vines running with quaint wildlife. The staff welcomed us warmly and I found a minty-fresh cucumber Orchard Breeze cocktail in front of me.

The menu was short but sophisticated, lined with high-quality Asian-fusion delicacies and charming little sweet treats. Tempura prawns on a wooden board with a serving of sweet chilli sauce arrived at my table, the tangy crunch of perfectly cooked prawns settling better with each bite. After a short while the main attraction arrived: teriyaki beef with shiitake mushrooms and wasabi mayo.

And then, the famous dessert medley. The board carried a rich chocolate brownie, ice cream with a lick of chocolate sauce, expert crème brûlée, crunchy shortbread sticks and a featherlight strawberry panna cotta to drive you mad. There’s always room for this kind of dessert.

If you’re looking for a romantic night out, head to 68 on Kloof for an unforgettable dining experience.

Visit: 68 Kloof Street, Cape Town. Call 021-422-0909.


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