Kagiso Modupe's book on why 'good men cheat' has arrived

13 March 2018 - 14:02 By Karishma Thakurdin
Kagiso Modupe is officially a published author.
Kagiso Modupe is officially a published author.
Image: Via Instagram

“Muzi was tired of reassuring his wife that she was still as stunning in the flesh as she had been before childbirth. His assurances only seemed to make Tshidi withdrew deeper into her insecurities and her misgivings about her body. The whole thing had taken its toll on their sex life, but only now that he had started cheating on Tshidi did Muzi realise that the rising sexual frustration was threatening his commitment to his marriage.

Between the endless rounds of lovemaking with Tsakani, there had also been quite a bit of talking. Muzi found himself opening up to Tsakani about some of the frustrations in his marriage. Tsakani had amazed him by being prepared to listen, and even to give advice from a woman’s point of view. It seemed strange - albeit in an inexplicably beautiful way - that the woman who had just become his side-chick was the same woman giving him sage marriage counselling.”

This is an extract from Kagiso Modupe's debut novel, Along Came Tsakani, which explores infidelity in young marriages. 

Even though the book is classified as fiction, Kagiso hopes its themes will resonate with real-life issues that young married couples often face, and the temptation of being unfaithful. 

Kagiso said he was overwhelmed to see the finished product and still could not believe he is a published author.

"It’s all very surreal and amazing. I hope you all will enjoy the book and that it helps to save troubled marriages and help all the women out there whoever wondered what happened to their lost love or shed some light on why good men cheat." 

During a previous interview with TshisaLIVE, the actor-turned-writer said he looked at some of the "common" reasons why men cheat and put them all into the book to give women a glimpse of a man's thought process. 

"I have been looking at young married guys. Because I am a young married man myself, and I noticed that the same issues that we have in marriage is the same that our dads have, that our older brothers have. So, what I did was look at why a guy cheats and I found that certain things are common. I took those common things and put them in a book so that it gives women an idea of a man's thought processes and why a good man can find himself cheating." 

Along Came Tsakani  is available at CNA stores and online.