'It's obviously ignorance' - Hotstix Mabuse on Mark Fish's faux pas

13 March 2018 - 07:24 By Chrizelda Kekana
Sipho "Hotstix" Mabuse says he wasn't touched that Mark Fish confused him for Bra Hugh Masekela.
Sipho "Hotstix" Mabuse says he wasn't touched that Mark Fish confused him for Bra Hugh Masekela.
Image: Via Facebook

After being part of a viral trend courtesy of Mark Fish, legendary musician Sipho "Hotstix" Mabuse has said he doesn't hold Mark's ignorance against him and said Mark may have introduced him to people who never knew of him.

The legendary musician told TshisaLIVE it was all water under a bridge.

"I am firstly a human being, capable of making errors and mistakes like all of us. I looked as Mark's faux pas in that context."

The retired soccer player was ripped to shreds on Twitter for posting a picture of himself with Hotstix instead of Hugh Masekela.  

Hotstix said Mark exposed his ignorance but he understood why.

"Yes, it's ignorance, obviously. He probably doesn't know much about me. Perhaps if it was football he would have known the difference between Shakes Mashaba and Pitso Mosimane. So in that space, which is a foreign space to him I guess, he made that kind of mistake. Shame, for me it was okay. I didn't really take that much offence and, if anything, I guess it made me even more famous."

Hotstix, who also has an impressive social media presence, said that he hired a team to take care of his social media because he wanted his focus to be on music and mentoring young artists.

"I mentor young people because I know that seasons and times change. You will not always be hot in this space, which is why you must create space for the younger people to shine. I can't not share what I know with them."

The Burn Out hitmaker explained that he planned on making music until he took his last breath. However, he said while music is a big part of his legacy, he knew people would decide what his legacy was based on interactions.

"We should not determine who people see us in our absence. What we work towards is how we ensure that what we do is passed forward."

The legend said as he gets older he valued human interaction more and contributing towards courses that that advocate for human rights.

Hotstix, who will be performing at Human Rights concert in the Free State, said he still wanted to remind them people what the day meant.

"I'm very excited to perform, but I am also emotional about it because the significance of Human Rights Day has been diluted. While we can gladly celebrate, we must never make it just a party and forget the main purpose. We need to constantly remind people that there are still people without basic human rights living amongst us and it's not right."

The Human Rights Music Festival will take place on March 21, with a few pre-events, including giving away sanitary towels to the needy on March 16.