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WATCH | Brutus is just here to collect his lobola money

22 March 2018 - 09:48 By Kyle Zeeman
Brutus agreed to start negotiating Lobola for Kea on The Queen.
Brutus agreed to start negotiating Lobola for Kea on The Queen.
Image: Via YouTube/ The Queen

We all have that one uncle who doesn't care what drama is going on in the family, he just wants to get his traditional on and negotiate lobola. That TV uncle is The Queen's Brutus and, shem, he loves money.

Kea (Dineo Moeketsi ) and Tebogo (Fezile Makhanya) may be fighting at the moment, with prayer groups around the country probably praying that she will leave his *ss, but uncle Brutus (played by Themba Ndaba) was overjoyed on Wednesday when he heard that Tebogo was sending his family to negotiate lobola for Kea.

Even though Kea's mom thought the idea of negotiating lobola was absurd at this point, she eventually just rolled her eyes and called Brutus savage.

Meanwhile, Twitter was having Brutus for lunch and filled the social media site with memes and messages about how his love for money was clouding his judgement.

Their concern comes after Tebogo was showing some serious abusive tendencies, that had fans encouraging her to run for the hills and never look back.

But *sigh* we bet baby girl will still be walking down the aisle- better get our suit ready